'Jo helped me understand my feelings much better than I ever would have been able to process my thoughts on my own. There was no judgement, it was a very relaxed process, I wasn’t bombarded with techniques and learning, it ebbed and flowed with my personal emotions and feelings'

(H June 2021)


‘Online counselling has been a life line. I can meet with Jo and discuss the stuff that has been bothering me at work, actually in my lunchtime, sat in my car in the car park! It is like a pressure valve, speaking to Jo helps me to let off steam. Counselling makes me feel I can get everything into perspective and continue to be professional at work’

(F Mar 2020)

'Jo has a calm and gentle way, she made me feel welcome and relaxed the first minute we met. For the first time in my life I feel as if someone is taking me seriously, Jo believes me. I can’t describe how much this has helped me. I really recommend seeing Jo, my time with her has been life changing'

(M Dec 2019)

‘All I knew is that my life didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel real and I never enjoyed home life, work or being with friends. I decided to meet with Jo not really knowing how she could help. I am so relieved that I made the decision to call her, as she has helped me to make small changes that have had a big impact’

(R Oct 2019)

'I have a positive relationship with Jo and I look forward to seeing her each week. I trust her and I feel comfortable talking about my thoughts and feelings – things I have never shared with another person before'