Hello and welcome to Moving On Counselling. I hope that by reading this section you will know more about what Moving On Counselling can offer you and if I am the right counsellor for you.

You may be reading this because you are experiencing deep feelings of sadness and hopelessness with no motivation for the future. You may be increasingly stressed and anxious, feeling that you are isolated and separated from all that is happening around you. It may be that you are struggling with irritability and anger, finding yourself being overly defensive or being hurtful towards others.

I hope the articles on the blog page will give you more information about these experiences and may reassure you to know that you are not alone.

If you feel you need help, I can be there for you to help identify the causes and support you in overcoming them. Our time together will always be focussed on you and what you want to talk about. I use a variety of methods to bring a holistic approach to our time together, taking into account your psychological, spiritual, physical, behavioural and emotional well-being.

Everyone is unique and through using a wide range of counselling approaches I am able to work with you in a way that is best for you as an individual.

Our counselling relationship will always be collaborative – you will bring the experience of being you and I will bring my experience and knowledge of counselling.

I will listen to you and aim to help you understand your situation with more clarity in a professional, empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental way. I will work sensitively and confidentially to help you explore the difficulties you are facing. Understanding these in more detail and sharing the impact they have on your life may help you to see these difficulties in a different way. 

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore a personal difficulty in a confidential and supportive environment. This may include expressing feelings that are painful, which many of us experience at certain times in our lives. When this happens, it can be difficult to stay positive and cope with everyday life.

The aim of counselling is to provide a confidential opportunity to safely explore personal, behavioural and relational issues. My role is to help you through this process without judgement, criticism or telling you what to do. You do not have to tell me everything about you and your life, but you will find it helpful to be as open as you can. I will often clarify, reflect comments back to you and encourage further exploration so we both develop a deeper understanding of your situation. This process can foster growth and lead to positive change in your life. During our time together it can be helpful to set goals that we agree to work towards. 

Some of the areas that I have experience of include:

Anger & Aggression
Childhood Abuse
Confidence & Assertiveness
Guilt & Shame
Obsessive Compulsion Disorder
Pain Management
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Suicidal Idealisation


This list is not exhaustive, so if you feel you want to contact me please do and we can discuss your concerns in our initial conversation. If I feel I would not be able to help I will refer you to someone who can.